Hair Replacement For Dealing With Hair Loss

There was a time when men who had hair loss learn to live with baldness; and women who had hair thinning and hair loss problem use wigs. But today, with the evolution in the field of hair replacement or hair transplantation, there is no need to compromise. Hair transplantation or hair replacement is the most effective when the hair loss is just too much to recover from other means.

The bald areas are covered or treated with micro hair grafts made out of the hair of the place where hair growth is ample. Hair transplantation methods have helped people who have hair thinning or balding problems. In order to ensure that hair replacement procedure is done in the proper manner, it would be important to first find out an expert doctor or surgeon who is fit to do this challenging job.

There are mainly three types of hair replacement procedures, and they are: scalp reduction, FUSS, and FUE. You must get information about the procedures from the surgeon. Considering the risk, cost and the benefit factors, you must decide as to whether hair replacement procedure is right for you. Of course, hair replacement is the most guaranteed way to deal with substantial hair loss. But it is the most costly way.

Types Of Hair Replacement

Hair replacement therapy or hair transplantation involves basically three types, and the details of each are given below:

1. Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)
This is the procedure in which a donor region is selected. And then, a hair strip from that region is implanted in the bald areas. Now, since the donor area is open, sutures are used so that the donor area can be closed. This procedure needs only a single session time to transplant the hair grafts.

2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
These days, this procedure of hair replacement has become quite popular. The reason is that this procedure gives very natural look to the hair. The strands from the backside and the sides of the head are used for transplanting them in the bald area. Since there are no deep incisions and cuts the healing or recovery time is short.

3. Scalp Reduction
Scalp reduction is not a widely used method. In this, there is surgical removal of the bald area and the area which has ample of hair is stretched. This is a very costly method and there are many risks and complications involved in this procedure.

These procedures sometimes result in side effects. But they are generally safe if carried out by a qualified and experienced hair replacement surgeon. Always talk to multiple experts for advice. And when it comes to surgery, the cheapest is not always the best.

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