Hair Loss Due To Cancer Treatment And Thyroid Medication

Hair Loss Due To Cancer Treatment And Thyroid Medication

Radiation and chemotherapy are the two cancer treatments which cause hair loss. In chemotherapy, high dose medicines are pumped into the body to destroy the cancer cells. In radiation therapy, high-power radiations are passed on the cancer cells to destroy them completely. Usually chemotherapy may result in hair loss because of the powerful medicines used to destroy the cancer cells. During the process, these powerful drugs also kill the healthy cells which produce the hair follicle.

On the other hand, radiation causes hair loss only when the treatment is employed on the scalp or straightly on the hair follicles or areas that are related to them. In both types of cancer treatments, the severity and the signs of hair loss differ from one person to the other. In some case, the hair loss may take place only on the scalp or on the total body. With some patients, the hair loss can occur quickly or the hair will fall off in spurts over a few days or weeks even. Depending on the individuals’ health condition, the hair loss can takes place only in patches leaving some hair or completely without leaving any hair on the entire body. The hair loss due to radiation occurs soon after the first treatment. In chemotherapy, hair loss takes place only after one or two weeks of time.

Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Medication

Once your doctor has detected the particular cause of your thyroid problem, he will prescribe the treatment and medications. Most of the thyroid medications are very effective which helps to restore the hair growth. But some of the thyroid medications can cause hair loss for some reason such as under-treated drugs or not taking the right drugs.

Sometimes, hair loss may occur in the adjusting phase of thyroid medications because during this phase the hormonal balance of your body will rise and fall. This causes your body to remain in and out of balance till the correct level of medicines are detected. At this condition, the patients must consult the doctor to find some alternative medicines to control the hair loss due to thyroid medications. Patience is also another way to tackle this hair loss; as sometimes one thyroid medicine does not work well with you and cause hair loss, while another acts wonderfully without causing much side effects. So it is up to you, to wait till your doctor finds the right medicine to treat your thyroid disease without causing any hair loss problem. Even though hair loss due to thyroid medicines is troubling, it can be cured and you can restore your hair back. You can even try some natural remedies to cope with this type of hair loss problem.

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