Does Breast Feeding Help you to Lose Weight?

The pros and Cons of Breast Feeding and Losing Weight:

Breastfeeding is actually the best time after pregnancy to try and lose weight and to help even lose more weight while breastfeeding you should participate in moderate to hard exercises as well as to eat less and what you do eat make sure that is all healthy. The reason that losing weight while you are breastfeeding is so much easier than any other time is before because you are burning a ton of extra calories in order to be able to properly feed your infant. With that being said you need to be aware of having a lot of unnecessary cravings while breastfeeding, this is because you are burning so many calories; to help keep up the proper production of breastmilk just eat several small and healthy meals throughout the day instead of a few large meals and a bunch of junk food.

When it comes to eating foods that are healthier your main focus should be on foods that are known as super foods, they will be all of your fresh fruits and vegetables and especially the large variety of delicious greens that there are to choose from. As a new mom and since you are breastfeeding eating healthy is not only benefiting you to lose weight and be healthier but it is benefiting your newborn by allowing them to grow stronger and healthier as well. This is because all of these healthy foods fill your breastmilk up with all kinds of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are need for the body to become stronger and healthier and to survive properly.

Now getting a work out in can be the hardest aspect of this whole process so to help make things a lot easier just keep it in your head that any extra movement is better than nothing. With that being said take some time out, turn the music up and dance it out. With whatever you do to help burn even more calories you just need to always stay hydrated; stick with the obvious of as much water as possible but some green tea with ginseng and honey is good as well as citrus green tea or other drinks such as this as long as they have little to no calories in them and are not made with a lot of sugar, carbohydrates or artificial ingredients.
In the end getting some extra sleep is also very helpful, as a new mom it is hard to get a full night of eight hours of sleep and getting sleep is needed to help you relax because when you do not get enough sleep your body produces extra stress hormones and cortisol which makes it even hard to lose weight. This is why you will commonly hear friends and family members tell you to sleep when your baby is sleeping, this is so you can nap as well and get caught up on sleep.

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