Difference between Brazilian wax and a regular bikini wax?

Difference between Brazilian wax and a regular bikini wax?

A regular bikini wax simply removes hair around the bikini area (the panty area), whereas the Brazilian wax removes more hair than that.
Hairremoval.about.com talks about the process of removing hair from around the bikini area and recommends that you first see if you are a candidate,Are you a candidate? If you have never visited the salon or spa for any type of waxing you should be asked to fill out a questionnaire to make sure you don’t have any circumstances or conditions that would not make you a candidate for waxing.

You’re pregnant, take birth control, hormone replacement or antibiotics. Your skin may be more sensitive to waxing, so it’s best to have a patch test (like a small area on your arm) and see how your skin reacts for 24 hours before getting an entire eyebrow or leg wax.

Smokers or those with Rosacea. Waxing can irritate dilated capillaries (weak or broken blood vessels) which are commonly found on people with Rosacea and smokers. If the capillaries are very red, stay away from waxing in that area.
Or if,You take blood thinners, have diabetes, phlebitis or want post- cancer hair growth in side-burn area removed. These all relate to medical conditions, so first get your doctor’s approval before waxing.

Brazilian wax, according to, hairremoval.about.com,It removes hair in the bikini zone (pubic hair) by pulling it out from the root with a resin wax. This bikini wax style removes all the hair from the front, all the way in-between to the behind. (Yes, your bum will be hair free). Sometimes a small strip in the shape of a square, rectangle, oval or triangle is left in the front, based on personal preference.

If you’ve ever seen the tiny, thong bikinis women wear in Brazil, it’s not hard to believe where this wax originated from and how it’s named. In 1994 Brazilian-born J Sisters in New York, New York began offering Brazilians and are credited with popularizing this specialty service in the U.S. Now it’s not just women who want to go almost bare, men are getting appointments as well.

It’s extremely important to find an experienced technician, and get this performed professionally for a safe wax and to feel less pain. Also, preparing for this specialty wax before and after will help you get and keep the best results.
What happens is that you are lead to a room,Get started. You will be lead to a private room and asked to remove your pants and possibly your underwear. Some salons will give you disposable panties while others will work on your bikini area with the panties you’re already wearing. The technician will leave the room to let you get ready and lie on a facial bed.

The consult. Once the technician returns, they will ask you how much hair you want removed. Some people prefer just a clean up (the hair outside the panty line) while others like the line to go a bit deeper, and some hair off the top of the etriangle also removed. They may ask you what type of bikini wax you would like when you make your appointment, so they know how much time to book.

Make sure you have communicated with the technician and they know exactly how much hair you want left and removed. Be aware the price will go up as more hair is removed at most salons.
The process. Wearing gloves, the technician will apply warm wax on the hair with an applicator. Hard wax doesn’t require a strip, so will dry a bit before its removed. With soft wax, a strip of cloth or muslin will be put over the wax. The technician will hold your skin taut before removing the wax in a quick pull so its less painful. They will continue to work in sections until hair is removed.

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