Decorating a New Home – Where Should I Start?

Decorating a New Home – Where Should I Start?

Six tips to always follow when it comes to decorating a home – new or not:

Whether the house you are planning on decorating is new or not, the process is still a mixture of exciting and overwhelming. And with each room there are thousands of ideas and endless combinations to choose from. To be safe it is best to come up with not only a plan but to also have a budget as well. Of course in the end you want your place to be comfortable as well as inviting so you need to let your likes and your personality express through the furniture you pick out, the color scheme that gets used and everything else. Below are six tips that are insanely helpful with pulling off the process of decorating a new home.

For starters, you want to clean out the house; anything old or broken should go along with anything that has not been used in an average of two to three years or so and hopefully by the time you are done with going through everything you have been able to get rid of at least twenty five percent of your stuff to maybe even fifty percent of your stuff. Try to sell what you can and everything else either donate it or throw out. Sizing down is a great way to start over. Next you will want to focus on the bedroom because be honest with yourself more than a third of your time will be spent in the bedroom so you want it to be the most comfortable. Bedding is a great place to start when it comes to the bedroom; spring for a new set and then consider changing the colors of the wall or add curtains, change the light fixture, etc.

The third tip is that no matter what room you are doing first you should never buy everything for it all at once. This is suggested for several reasons, either you will not like everything you buy and will want to change some things here and there or you could have set aside five thousand to be spent in the bathroom when really the kitchen could use more of a budget.

The fourth tip is that everything in the whole house, let alone one entire room should not all perfectly match. A few pieces of the same are great but you should change things up to not only make it more you but to also let the room feel more open and more relaxing.

The fifth tip is all about having at least one color that ties into almost everything else. For example let’s say you have a modern and sophisticated bronze and leaf lighting fixture but a dark wood and yellow flower patterned couch with white and orange from the early 1960’s or so, the best way to get everything to match is through one color that is unifying and is easy to blend or match with from here and there with this and that.

And the sixth tip is that almost every problem you will run into will be a practical one and with that being said you should not get stressed out about all of them or really any of them, at least not that bad because nine times out of ten you can fix the problem rather cheaply.

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