Best Private School for Children

Best Private School for Children

Top 11 Best Kept Secrets for Helping Parents Pick The Best Private School for their Children-

Private schools help to give your children a solid foundation giving them great advantage when it comes to applying for further education and heading out in the world to make a life for them selves.
Another reason, why they are considered better than public schools is the fact that they can assist in defining and shaping students, instilling them with deep sense of discipline and morals. It’s not only children who benefit from the private schools, as parents have their own share of pros.
For starters, you will get numerous options in regards to the location of the school where you will be sending off your child. With public schools most of the time you are limited to the one that is closest.
You can also pick between schools with special focus such as creative arts, religion, athleticism and the academic areas that the teachers specialize in.
To enjoy higher education standards, unique learning environment and access to more social programs, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money each year for your child to stay in the school.
To make certain that your precious child is getting the very best and you value for money, here are 11 tips you can work with to identify the perfect private school.

Highly trained and qualified teachers
Teachers in private schools are usually not regulated by the state and federal governments like in the public ones.

For this reason, it is important to make sure the teachers meet your standards. This should not be something to worry about however as most schools normally hire elite teachers to help boost enrollment numbers each year.
It would however help to meet with them and enquire about qualifications to make certain your child will be in great hands.

Low student to teacher ratio
One of the major benefits of sending your kids to private school is that they do not have to deal with crowded classrooms.
This helps them take advantage of personalized attention to bring out the best in them, while building their self esteem and self confidence. Find out before hand how many students are allowed in a classroom to make sure you are comfortable with the numbers.
Emphasis on arts
There are very many art programs that are cut in public schools. Make certain the private school you want your child to go to puts emphasis on arts such as dance, music and drama exposes them to more than basics.
Make sure the school offers extra exposure to all subjects, as they are self governed and have extra funding that enables them to, thus making the schools more competitive in all areas.

Find out how your money is being spent
You should make sure that the money you are paying is being put into good use. This is not only about emphasis on art, but it also includes the courses and programs offered.
For instance, instead of the normal trips to the museums, the school should organize overseas trips and special behind the scene trips to look into some of the most important historical and educational attractions. Just be sure they think outside the box as they are supposed to.

Find a school that is college oriented
Your kid needs to be adequately prepared for college and this should be at the back of your mind when selecting a private school. Ensure the child has access to loads of information on different colleges curriculum offered, and college life showcased that feature in most of the school’s courses and activities.

This should be different than what is offered by public schools by focusing strongly in most aspects of the schools life.

Community service
Understand that learning does not only happen in the classroom, because what they learn through real and personal life experiences also contribute to shaping them as individuals and overall education. Make sure the school you want your child to go to require the children to take part in community service before graduating.

Honor system
Look into the behavioral standards or honor code before enrolling your child in a private school. This will help you know if the school is keen on instilling moral values to the students. Make certain that the values they have are in line with what you believe in and you will be okay with your child having them.

Enquire about policies and discipline code
This is another area where private schools beat the public schools hands down. Knowing the school you are interested in has a strict discipline code and policy in place will give you great peace of mind as you can be assured that your child and his/her learning will not be affected if other students are struggling with various disciplinary issues. Get this in written form to know if you agree with them.

What safety practices are in place?
To make certain that your child gets to benefit from a safe environment, talk to the principal, dean or administrators of the institution to see what safety features have been put in place. This could include locked or guarded gates, video cameras, and much more.

Survey the community atmosphere
To get that community feel from the school find out how involved the school wants you to be in your child’s life. If the school really wants your involvement and participation, it is a good sign that there is a sense of community. Steer clear from schools that just want you to drop off your kids and pick them up during the holidays.

Ensure you are not being exploited financially
Although this should not be a priority when looking for a school, it does not hurt to consider how much money you will be investing in the school. Look for a school that you can afford so that you don’t go into a financial crises wondering how you will pay for it.

However, don’t dismiss a school for fees, as most of them normally have financial aid programs that can help you out. Generally you will be required to pay from $5000-$15,000.

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