Benefits of Going to A Physical Therapist

Benefits of Going to A Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is the best natural weapon an individual has against any medical condition that he or she might face. Anyone can undertake it, and anyone can benefit from it. It is not like any other drug out there that has hidden side effects or some liver damaging issues. The best part, it can be done from the comfort of one’s home place. Physical therapists are experts responsible for performing physical therapy on its patients. They examine evaluate and treat people who have conditions such as neck pain, back pain, developmental disabilities, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other countless conditions that affect a person’s ability to move without pain. This makes physical therapist very important people in the society. Some benefits of working with a psychiatrist include the following:

Improve mobility and motion
Movement can help prevent obesity which is responsible 18% US adult’s deaths. Meanwhile, studies show that prolonged sitting can be unhealthy and walking a little bit each day helps reduce risk of stroke, heart attack and other diseases caused by accumulation of fat in the body. Consistent movement is also vital in maintaining a healthy balanced system which helps avoid costly injuries. Physical therapist work with their clients and patients of all abilities and of all ages to expand, maintain and restore motion. No matter what area of the body aches, that is, the neck, back, shoulder or knee, physical therapist have experience and established history of helping people improve their quality of life. He or she can help you move again without pain or discomfort and feeling new and ready to move on. They also help prevent any injuries that might have while moving or in motion

Reduce risk of injury
While playing or picking up around the house may seem harmless, it is these everyday activities that result to injury, due to stress and abnormal movements on joint, and or strain on muscles. Because physical therapist have expertise in knowing the process through which the body works, they are able to detect any abnormality that might lead to injuries and design personalized treatment plans in order to reduce the risk of injury

Improve balance
Falls among the elderly and the sick are common, dangerous, and can reduce their ability to lead an independent active life. According to a study carried out, one in three seniors aged above 65 and above, and one in two seniors aged 80 and above, will fall at least once in every year, which leads to disastrous consequences. A physical therapist helps prevent such falls by designing a personalized program of exercises and activities. Balance is improved through exercises that strengthen the ankle, hip, and knee muscles. Exercise also improves the function of the vestibular of balance system. When your physical therapist reviews your complete medical history and conducts a thorough examination; he develops a personalized plan of care.

Recover from stroke
Stroke is the number three killer disease in the US and the leading cause of long-term disabilities. If stroke strikes you or your relative, a physical therapist will help you regain, cope, and move on with physical losses such as decreased ability to move or any other physical pain associated with stroke.
Rehabilitation begins as soon as the patient is stable, and the doctors are working to match the patient and family’s desires with his or her abilities. The majority of stroke survivors receive physical therapy as part of their rehabilitation process. As we have said, a physical therapist develops a personalized plan which may include exercise to facilitate movement and regain your independent life.

Participate in your recovery
Physical therapist design treatment plans for an individual’s goals, needs and challenges. Receiving treatment from a physical therapist, can either be a passive activity or by participating in your own recovery, it can be empowering. Some patients have physical impairments that they are already coping with while others may be recovering from diseases like stroke. In certain cases, some medical conditions impair the patient that it becomes necessary to teach the patient to live and cope with the problems. Physical therapist achieve this by building confidence and capabilities in their patients.

Life with diabetes
Diabetes is a growing issue that affects more than 24 million people in the US including adults and children. For people living with diabetes, a physical therapist works with them to design a program that will help them control glucose levels and fight complications such as the loss of ability to move. While most doctors recommend aerobics for treatment of type 2 diabetes, a recent study revealed that adding high-force strength training to the program has significant advantages. It helps improve glucose control, reduce the risk of fall, and increase strength among the patients.
People with diabetes suffer from reduction of muscle mass, as a result reduces the ability to move. Adding resistance training to the diabetes treatment program has been shown to improve thigh lean tissues, which in turn increase protein reserves, exercise tolerance, resting metabolic rate, and functional mobility. A physical therapist is equipped with skills that will help individual with diabetes to safely and effectively address the loss of movement.

Avoid prescription of drugs and surgery
Most people will say that physical therapist rehabilitate from major traumas or surgery but studies have shown that treatment by a physical therapist is equally effective and a cheaper way, alternative to surgery and drug prescriptions for various conditions like back pain, meniscal tears etc.
Even though direct access law and insurance plans differ from one state to another, anyone is the US can arrange screening by a therapist without recommendations from a physician or doctor. Through the personalized treatment plans, patients will achieve the same results without such expenses and side effects of undergoing a surgery.

Shortens recovery time
Physical therapy can shorten recovery time, which is the top priority on many patients list. Injuries that involve muscles, joints, and ligaments can cause that part of the body to get immobile or stiff, and without care and proper exercises, it could take very long time to regain full mobility in the affected area or areas.
If you are suffering from any problem or any other physical issues, you can seek the advice of a physical therapist. It is safer and cheaper than medication and one might be able to resolve such problems without surgery.

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