Basic Table Manners for Dining Out

Basic Table Manners for Dining Out

Proper table manners are essential for both adults and kids whether eating at home or in restaurants. Learning table manners ensures that people enjoy their meals and avoid embarrassing moments. Dining etiquette shows that you respect the one who prepared the meal as well as the dining goes without saying that you should show up at the table looking clean, that is with a clean face and hands. This is vital towards maintaining hygienic behavior. When it comes to dining out table manners are very important, and can include;

Table napkins-When having dinner your napkin should be placed on your lap, do not tuck it in your blouse or shirt. Use it to dab the corners of your mouth in case of food particles. Do not wave it in the air and after the meal, fold it neatly and place it next to your plate.

Body posture-sit with your back straight against your chair and avoid slouchy positions or hunching your back. Do not place your elbows on the table since they may interfere with other people’s eating space.

Relaxed pace- if you are eating with other people then it is polite that you wait for their meals to be served before you start eating or picking up your cutlery. Do not eat too quickly through the meal courses. Make sure that your eating pace matches that of your fellow dinners.

Minimal conversations-avoid talking loudly at the table and keep the conversation at a minimal tone, avoid arguments and never chew your food noisily. Also do not take big mouthfuls of food since the particles may fly out of the mouth when chewing.

No talking with food in the mouth- this can end up being embarrassing since food can end up getting into the windpipe leading to chocking or sneezing. Food particles may fly all over the table and ruin the appetite for fellow dinners.

Cutlery etiquette-place neatly your cutlery after you are done with a meal, place them facing upwards together on your plate. This is a polite way to say that you are done taking your meal.

Group dining- be polite enough to pass the salt that is near you and also assist your neighbors by offering them the food that is placed near you for them to also serve themselves. Avoid reaching out for dishes or salt as you could end up causing food to spill over.

Polite behavior- compliment the cook on the dinner, if you find that the food is not up to your taste, try to eat some to avoid appearing rude to the one who prepared the meal.

Table manners or dining etiquette is essential for an excellent dining experience. Poor eating habits or bad behavior during meals and can ruin the appetite for others as well as cause embarrassments. Some basic table manners include chewing with your mouth shut to prevent food particles from flying all over the table, keep the conversations friendly and avoid topics that would gross people out. Handle cutlery in the right way to prevent accidents such as knife cuts. In case you need to use something like salt and it is with someone else, ask them to pass it to you, avoid reaching out for it as this could result in spills which may ruin the eating out experience.

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